Embera a truly fasinating indiginous tribe, that are scattered around the national parks of Panama, we work closely with two villages in particular.

Drua Village living on the Rio Chagres, Panama canals largest river, offers a waterfall hike and night fishing for those overnight stays.

Ipeti Village boarders on the Darien Provience, a village just off the highway offers a less touristy view of how the Embera really live.

Embera Drua

45mins up the Rio Chagres River lies the beautiful Drua Village on the river bend, offering a great cultural show, many handicrafts, a canoe ride and waterfall trek a great way to spend a day!

Embera Ipeti

A short skip off the Pan American highway 2 1/2 hrs from the city towards the Darien. We work closely with Ipeti Village helping them with permacultre, recycling projects, water mangement and general labour. A unique expereince as the old meets new and an insight into how the Embera embrace change within their community but hold onto their cultural roots.